Martial Empires for Windows 10


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Martial Empires is representative of the very popular MMORPG genre, the story is set in a magical world known only as fantasy. This time we move away from the land, modeled on Asian countries, where we will take part in the game based on the principles known from many other such production. As usual, so we will have to carry out the outsourced tasks, develop the skills of your character, and completed weapons. Of course we could not do without a fight - it's one of the basic elements of MMORPG. The plot, oscillating around the continent called Neha, threatened iniquitous actions, bad Elysion. Players taking up the game, take on the form of heroes who, through their actions once and for all restore restful sleep all the inhabitants of the land. Classes our virtual agents, the warrior, mage and ranger. Each of them presents a different way of fighting as well as the type of weapon used. Developed skills, are contained in the so-called. trees bear the development and modernization are possible whenever promotion to a higher level of experience. The type of game, including graphics and sound binding present level worthy of commercial production.   Caution!   The download is available via download manager which is downloaded installation file game    Minimum requirements:  Processor: 2.4 GHz  RAM: 1 GB  Graphics: 256 MB  Free space on hard disk: 5 GB  Sound Card: No data